Dear SSLPing user,

I want to thank you for this adventure we had together, but I must announce the immediate end of service of SSLPing.

It's broken, and I can't and won't fix it :-(
Over the years, since March 2016!!!, SSLPing had gathered quite some technical debt:

- it was using an older OS, and I couldn't update it because some old SSL stuff was removed from openssl, which would have changed SSLPing's features
- it was using an older nodejs version, because upgrading would remove SSL v3 detection
- it was using Docker Swarm, which fell out of favour (Kubernetes won after all)
- even the physical servers (3 of them) were getting old. One died last week, the other 2 had 1400+ days of uptime!
- the frontend is using deprecated UI libraries
- etc

As a side project, I think it was a success: hundreds of free users, thousands of servers, millions of checks...
It was a nice experience, and I'm glad I could offer a useful service to all of you.

But 5 days ago, SSLPing started dying, and I can't figure out how to bring it back to life.
Docker refuses to run after attempting an OS update which broke too many things (upstart vs. systemd being one, FS drivers, etc...).

And I can't afford to lose more time and money on SSLPing (only 25% of hosting costs were covered by Patreon).
I'd also like to thank all my patrons on Patreon, they gave me hope and delayed this inevitable moment.

If I ever get to ship (which could replace SSLPing) I'll let you know first hand!
But in the meantime, I hope you'll find a nice alternative to SSLPing, like to tell you when your certificates expire, and which continues as the leader in SSL troubleshooting.

I sincerely regret sending such an email, but I hope the inconvenience will not be too severe.

Best wishes
Chris Hartwig
I'm weddpros on Hacker news... and my project is on the first page, 500+ upvotes after I killed it. I'm sad guys, and I don't even know how to handle the emotion.